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Lesley Reece

content creator


I am a freelance

content creator...

...carefully curating content that connects, and converts!

I've been a content creator since 2020, when during the COVID pandemic and a series of lockdowns, I finally had the time and motivation to fully pursue my creative talents.

Borne from that has been an explosion of relatable, captivating content, created to assist well-known local brands and organizations in reaching and connecting with their audiences in ways that convert.

My home base is Barbados, but since we live in a digital tech-based world, I accept clients from across the world.


  • Brand Whisperer: Translating the essence of your brand into powerful messaging, with content that resonates with your target audiences, sparking a lasting connection.

  • Digital Alchemist: Creating content designs that engage, inform, and entertain, designing a solid foundation for your brand's growth.

  • Web Design Dreamweaver: Weaving pixels into visually stunning websites that embody your brand's uniqueness, leaving visitors in awe.

  • Visual Wordsmith: Painting pictures with words, bringing content to life through vivid descriptions and evocative storytelling.

Brand Whisperer

I provided content creation services for a local wine cellar.

This project involved promotion of a new product, as well as increasing sales leads for the holiday season.

The aim was to portray a brand identity that reflected attainable sophistication.



I helped a well-known boutique chain update their visual identity and transform their brand into something fresh and more aligned with their expanded target audience.

Web Design


I designed an event website for a new brand. The goal aesthetic was clean and minimalist, meant to evoke a sense of serenity and calm.

Work with me to create a brand identity for your business that is clear, strong, and reflective of what you are as an entity.

Let's collaborate and create:

Your brand's success starts here!


Warrens, St. Michael




(246) 821 1387